Buttertubs provides a range of services for anyone using IBM Domino Applications or IBM Domino Email.

Our services include developing custom applications, providing consultancy on large projects such as migrations or upgrades and providing the necessary administration skills for optimising your application or mail servers.

In order to get a better handle on mail-box management we have developed a clever tool which allows your user to maintain a cleaner inbox. Inbox management can often be a very time consuming aspect of using any e-mail system. Having smaller more manageable in-boxes helps user manage there emails and time more effectively. This tool arranges a users inbox into folders based upon the date that it it was delivered. All it takes is a email and the click of a button.

Why reduced the number of emails in your inbox

Your inbox is the first thing that opens when you go into your mailbox. If your inbox has a lot of emails in it then it could take some time to open. We've found some inboxes with more than 25, 000 emails in them going back to 1999!

There are two ways to reduce the size of your inbox:
  • Delete any emails that are no longer needed
  • File your emails in folders

To save you the effort and time having to organise your inbox we do some of the work on your behalf. We move emails out of your inbox and into folders that are labelled according to the year that they were received. Don't worry, the emails were not deleted, but moved into separate folders within your mail file. This should mean that your inbox opens a lot quicker.

If you are a Blackberry user then you should notice a considerable difference in the time it takes your open you inbox.

Improve the performance of your Blackberry Service

Do you have a Blackberry service running in your organisation? If the answer to that question is yes, then this tool is for you. By default your BES server will be polling mail boxes every 20 seconds, and lets face it your blackberry users will want mails delivered to their devices almost instantly so changing this will not benefit you greatly. Having smaller in-boxes is not only great for your users but also for your Domino servers, BES servers and your network, by reducing the number of mails held in your users in-boxes you can easily achieve these great results and also get mails delivered to your users much quicker.