Buttertubs provides a range of services for anyone using IBM Domino Applications or IBM Domino Email.

Our services include developing custom applications, providing consultancy on large projects such as migrations or upgrades and providing the necessary administration skills for optimising your application or mail servers.

In the ever increasing world of cost saving, as a business, knowing your users and knowing your systems is essential. We offer a range of applications that allow your administrators to keep track of what applications are deployed and more importantly if they are still required, used and who has access to them. All this can be offered in a single portal which is very easily manageable with our custom designed and built Lotus Application Audit Tool.

Many of our clients have been able to reduce there Domino applications by 50%, resulting in huge savings on overheads and security risks. We can do this in a matter of days where a manual process could take weeks of your administrators time.

  • Reduced Backups
  • Less maintenance
  • Reduced Indexing
  • Less storage
  • Increased productivity
  • Secure
  • Audit Approved

So Why do this?

Amongst the benefits above it is important for any upgrade project to know what applications you have out there in your estate, We have worked with a major high street bank to aide them in an upgrade to Lotus Domino 8.5.2. Ensuring you capture all your databases is a must, but to reduce the amount of time it takes to test these applications by reducing the time spent on redundant applications can save your project thousands of pounds and increase the turnaround time of your upgrade project.

To find out more about our unique product email us at info@buttertubs.co.uk