Buttertubs provides a range of services for anyone using IBM Domino Applications or IBM Domino Email.

Our services include developing custom applications, providing consultancy on large projects such as migrations or upgrades and providing the necessary administration skills for optimising your application or mail servers.

Managing suppliers in any organisations can be a costly business, and get out of hand, especially when you have departments spread across locations with varying methods of buying. It is important for any organisation to get the best out of its suppliers just as its important for your customers to get the best from your organisation.

We have helped many large organisations save millions by helping them store, share and maintain supplier information in a centralised point, available to all specified users through the organisations intranet. Some of the supplier information stored in the systems we develop included communications, contracts, contact details and actual spend data. Its easy to store the data in a single area of your network but to get the real information easily and readily is key. The aim of the project was to deliver value for money from a smaller, more efficiently managed supplier base. At the end of the projects the savings to some organisations were in the regions of £1.8 million and an excess of 400 suppliers had been identified and reduced to get back the control of spend.